Our policy on artistic nudity

Twisted Angels is dedicated to ART and community. We are in no way a pornographic site. The human body in and of itself can be both artistic and beautiful, naked or clothed. This has been the case since virtually the beginning of civilization. You need look no further than the sculptures of ancient Greece and Rome or the paintings of the Renaissance era masters to know that this is indeed true.

Twisted Angels employees a vigorous analysis process to ensure that all of our content is within respectable limits and as such could likely be seen in any typical museum across the globe.

Our site is a supporter of the ASACP (Association of Sites Avocation Child Protection) http://www.asacp.org/ and encourages members and non-members alike to get involved with causes like The Alicia Project – http://www.thealiciaproject.com/ .

Specifics of our filtering criteria in regard to sexuality:

1. The major or only focal point of the piece should not be breasts, vagina or anus or of these parts being stimulated via another person or object.

2. The purpose of the work should be more than simply to insight sexual arousal.

3. The photo should not be meant to be used in conjunction with something else to produce arousal (i.e. a photo of a magazine centerfold that may or may not be fine on its own that the editor couples with a graphic, erotic story).