Twisted Angels is now slowly phasing out for our new website Toxic Dolls at  We are not going away, just making a transition for a new and improved community.

Some of the differences so far between Twisted Angels and Toxic Dolls are:
- The site is fully responsive so there is no need to a mobile viewing version as there is  for TA.
- TD has a full out social community.
- TA has forums, TD has groups.
- The galleries have a new look and their own pages.
- The store is simpler to use and will be offering more products.
- There is a section in the works dedicated to male models.
- While TD will focus on alt models, non-alt models are welcome too.
- The blog will now have direct links for authors in the byline.
- Images on the blog will be credited via a click through link to the picture’s source.
- On TD we have eliminated the old school chatroom.

Twisted Angels will remain open until sometime in September 2015. However, it will not be updated or maintained beyond this point.

Our community is waiting for you.

To join as a general member, please simply fill in the username and email fields and click the “Register” button on the right side of this or any other page. You’ll get an email assigning you a password along with your username. Click on the link in the email and login with either of the two login sections on this page. You’ll be taken to the payment processing page and we figure you can take it from there.

To participate in the community by modeling or showing off your photography work dealing with anything from basic goth pics to images showcasing hot tattoo sleeves, please send us a note using the “Contact Us” tab and the first word of your message reading “Model” or “Photographer” as stated on the Twisted Angels home page.

Please note that any model or photographer that chooses to submit content to our site agrees that they either own the content outright or have permission or authority to provide us with the use of such content. If the submitting party does this without such right or authority, they are solely responsible for  any issues (legal or otherwise) that may arise and hold our site and ownership harmless. They also agree that we may use the images for advertising or promotional purposes (i.e. annual calendar, Facebook page…).

A few important notes: features some mature content, including implied, partial and full nudity. If you choose to join, you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years of age (21 in some states) and legally eligible to view such material.

Read more about Our policy on artistic nudity

If you cancel your membership within 30 days, you will not have access for the remainder of the time you signed up for.

About profiles:

This site includes, among other cool features, a personal profile. Upon signing in, you will be directed to a “Welcome” page. The blue “Profile” links on this or any other page lead you to a personal profile only, not viewable by anyone else. To access your community profile, visit the “My TA” tab at the top of the page and go from there.


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