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November 11, 2014

Rock music has changed over the years but even today it still remains badass.

rock and roll

October 28, 2014

Rob Zombie is a visionary in the horror genre. Check out this list of some of his best work.

Rob Zombie

October 14, 2014

Wes Craven is synonymous with horror. This article explorers his bod, bad and ugly movies.

Wes Craven

October 7, 2014

A look into the legendary and innovative films of the talented Tim Burton.

Tim Burton

September 16, 2014

A countdown of our top five favs when it comes to zombie movies.


September 9, 2014

Want to become a tattoo artist? Here are some tips on how to get into this career.

tattoo guns

September 2, 2014

Semi-permanent tattoo ink? Yes, it’s out there and it’s called Infinitink.


August 26, 2014

Skate and punk cultures and their misunderstood nature among mainstream society.

skate girl

August 19, 2014

A cool look inside the artistic and cultural elements of the musical genre known as UK Garage.

UK Garage

August 12, 2014

Pale skin can be super sexy but sometimes it can also be cause for concern, this article dives into the differences between the two.

August 5, 2014

Edgar Allan Poe was a brilliant writer and his creativity and imagination has had a major impact on Goth culture.

Edgar Allan Poe

July 29, 14

Celebrities sometimes go Goth for roles in films and movies. Here are some of our favorite examples.

July 22, 14

Punk culture and music is alive and well and has become a world wide lifestyle.


July 15, 2014

Tattoo artists don’t always use skin as their canvas. Sometimes, they go a little more traditional.

July 8, 2014
Sturgis is the ultimate motorcycle rally. Each year, bikers take over this small town in South Dakota.


July 1, 2014

Wondering what steampunk is all about? We have the info on this unique style and culture.


June 24, 2014

Every wonder which cities are the most friendly for members of the Goth subculture? No need to guess any longer.


June 17, 2014

Our suggestions for cools ways to match the colorful and creative styles of your favorite anime characters.


June 1o, 2014

Every Goth girl needs the right accessories. Check out this guide to look and feel the part.

goth clothes

June 3, 2014

The Russian musical group Pussy Riot is the very essence of punk rock as a form of protest art.

May 27, 2014

There have been some great metal bands over the years. These are our picks for some of the best.

Tool band

May 20, 2014

Tattoo regret can really suck. Here are some great suggestions on how to avoid this problem happening to you.

no regrets tattoo

May 10, 2014

The Electric Forest Music Festival is a special of right and sound like nothing else. Learn more about it here.

Electric Forest Music Festival

April 30, 2014

Industrial music has rocked for a long time. Here are our selections as some of the top albums in the history of this wild genre.

Nine Inch Nails

April 24, 2014

New York city is known for having some of the best graffiti art on the planet. Here are a few of our favorite hot spots.

new york city graffiti art

April 12, 2014

Pin up art has come a long way since its origins in the mid-20th century. Check out the evolution from classic to modern.

modern pinups

April 2. 2014

All about on of the original dark and edgy pin up babes – the stunning and still influential Bettie Page.

Bettie Page

March 21, 2014

Are you a horror film fan? Check out our list of some of the top horror films ever.

The Shining horror movie

March 11, 2014

What are some of the coolest and best job options for people with body modifications? Here are a few that fit just right.

jobs for tattooed people

February 28, 2014

Gaming kicks ass for a lot lot of reasons. Here we talk about why.

game controller

February 20, 2014

Did you know your tattoos can say a lot about your personality? They sure can and this article explains how.

girl with bicep tattoo

January 22, 2014

Essentials for every hot emo girl.

hot emo girl


January 1, 2014

We’re setting the record straight about the stereotypes of rave culture.

Pretty Rave Girl


December 17, 2013

Model St. Siddney gives us a little insight into what makes this alternative beauty kick mad ass.

St Siddney's Singed


November 18, 2013

Women with sexy legs and hot ink to decorate them makes for one really hot combination.

sexy tattooed legs


October 25, 2013

Sometimes we don’t think our decisions through when it comes to ink. That’s what cover ups are for.

best tattoo cover ups


September 12, 2013

Theresa Vail – Pageant queen and tattoo babe! This hottie is breaking down barriers for the body-modified among us.

Miss American Tattoo


August 21, 2013

Want to know how to spot a bad tattoo artist? We’ll give you a couple of things you should look out for.


August 10, 2013

Thinking about dying the hair downstairs? This article will give you some good tips before you dive in.

tips for coloring public area


July, 13, 2013

Over the years, they’re have been a lot of hot actresses who have taken on the roles of vampires. These are some of our favorites.

vampire actress


June 20, 2013

An in-depth look at the talented and sexy musician/artist/dancer Noemi Aurora.

singer and artist Noemi Aurora


May 11, 2013

We’re setting the record straight on stereotypes about the Goth subculture.

goth girl in green


May 2, 2013

Meet Twisted Angels model Lizz and she what this sexy bombshell is all about.

hot sexy alt model


April 13, 2013

What do you get when some of the hottest girls in Hollywood decide to get edgy and go Goth? We’ll not only tell you but we’ll show you.

goth girl celebrity


April 2, 2013

The artwork of tattooed beauty Natalia Fabia is inspired by punk rock culture, hookers and bright, sparkly color.

East Village Sparklers


March 11, 2013

Hot and sexy women rock all types of music. But these ladies own the metal muic scene.

sexy metal music woman


February 9, 2013

Meet our stunning model Raechel Raeg and learn about her from her own words.

beautiful tattooed model


January 15, 2013

Liz Fuga relays her experience with Tattoo Noir, a Pittsburgh-based tattoo studio.

Pittsburgh tattoo shop

January 4, 2013

Check out these hot trends in body modification, from the simple to the extravagant.

needle piercings on back


December 31, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new as Twisted Angels says goobye to 2012.

2013 image


December 11, 2012

Lady Gaga is an alternative fashion superstar, right down to her very cool tattoos.

hot lady gaga pic


November 28, 2012

Artist David Gonzalez wows with his urban and Gothic work, including the series DGAngels.

DG Angles print


November 13, 2012

For some reason or another, you might just want your next tattoo to be a little discrete in nature. This is a great guide on how to do just that.

sexy discrete toe tat

October 26, 2012

Twisted Angels model Miaa is starting in the new suspense thriller “Mesmerize” from Future Frame Productions.

suspense thriller

October 22, 2012

Meet our hot young model from South Africa, Punky Spunky as she tells us about herself in her own words.

sexy models

October 6, 2012

When shooting alt model photography, sometimes your basic setting just won’t do. These location suggestions can help you make your photos totally badass.




October 4, 2012

Contributing author Liz Fuga gives readers the inside story on some of the best haunted houses in Pittsburgh, the hometown of Twisted Angels.

haunted house pic


September 18, 2012

Our models cover the pages of a 2013 Wall Calendar! More info can be found in the “Store” section of the site.


alt girl pin up calendar


August 30, 2012

A look at the tattooed, pin up drawings of artist Adam Isaac Jackson.

Adam Isaac Jackson drawing


August 10, 2012

An in-depth look at Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft, two of the masters of literary horror.

Horror literature


August 1, 2012

Olympic athletes may dominate on the field of play but some like Anastasia Davydova, Anthony Ervin, Louis Smith and Ivet Lalova also kick ass when it comes to having some really awesome tattoos.

hot Anastasia Davydova tattoos


July 23, 2012

Ever wonder where the best place is to get your tattoo? Contributing writer CJ Colt gives us a compilation of the Top 5 cities in the U.S.

July 13, 2012

Liz Fuga discuses the artistic merits of the horror film subgenre known as “torture porn.”

torture porn


July 2, 2012

Twisted Angels model and Brazilian bombshell Skye Diamonds engages in a little Q and A.

Brazilian girl sexy goth pics


June 26, 2012

Contributing writer Liz Fuga delves into the world of creative comic artist Jhonen Vasquez. The specific focus is one his newest venture working with “Meanwhiles.”

Jhonen Vasquez


June 18, 2012

Taylor Momsen evolves from all All-American TV and film star to smokin’ hot gothic beauty in her role as lead singer and songwriter for Pretty Rreckless.

Taylor Momsen


June 9, 2012

Meet our awesome model Scarlett Night, Get to know her in her own words.

Scarlett Night alternative model


May 25, 2012

Details and info on bike nights in the city of Pittsburgh for all you motorcycle enthusiasts.


tattoo sleeve biker girl


May 18, 2012

NaTyMeTal, our resident model/photographer double threat, talks about her life, body mods and more.

hot emo punk model


May 16, 2012

What going on for World Goth Day?

world goth day


May 7, 2012

Female tattoo artists with big time sex appeal.

female tattoo artist


April 19, 2012

Which death metal bands rock your world? Here’s our top ten list.

death metal bands


March 26, 2012

Everything you every wanted to know about reverse belly button rings.


sexy body belly ring

March 19, 2012

Pale is sexy, but why? Maybe this article can clue you in on why it is that the fair skinned among us drive us wild.

pale girl goth pics


March 12, 2012

Getting your ink done is just the beginning. Proper aftercare is something everyone should take the time to learn about.

tattoo aftercare