Welcome To Twisted Angels

Hot emo, punk and goth boudoir photography and much much more…

Tired of the tabloid image of beauty that mainstream society likes to shove down our throats? At Twisted Angels, our community is dedicated to models with an alternative look. We look at body ink as artwork spread across the canvass of the human form. We see piercings as far more than just subtle décor for the ears. And we figure, why can’t hair have as many color possibilities as a box of crayons?

We are all about an attitude, women with a certain sense of freedom and a red hot creative response to the conventional modeling industry and even our less open competitors.

Pin up girl photos have been around for a long time. And, there is nothing new about boudoir photography either. But today, there is a new breed of model, hotter and more original than ever.

These beautiful women and sexy girls aren’t the boring old ideal of yesterday. No, these ladies sport tattoo sleeves, punk mind-sets and hot emo and Gothic styles.

Membership is only $4.00 per month and gives you access to galleries of all our models and some other great stuff too. And anyone who models or photographs for us gets in free. If a member, or featured model or photographer referred you to the site, please let us know by using the subject “Referral” and the name of the member, model or photographer as the message in the “Contact Us” tab at the top of this page.

If you’re a model or a photographer who’d like to have your work featured on Twistedangels.net, please send us a message with the first word of your message reading “Model” or “Photographer” using the above mentioned “Contact Us” tab.

Or for any other questions or comments, use that page as well.